Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Voluptuous Vixens! 
I have been away for awhile but I'm back and proud to announce that the website for Voluptuous Vixen is up and running! We will be offering lingerie at great prices for all sizes, average and plus size along with some sexy lingerie for men. We will offer shoes and jewelry accessories! Please stay tuned with us for updates, sales and events!

Voluptuous Vixen click here to go to the site!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rewarding Self!

We as women endure so much on a daily basis. We wear many hats and take on just about ALL of life's challenges at one time or another. We bare children, we run households, we fix things, we are personal taxi's, we are lovers, we are friends, mothers, sisters, cousins, we are confidants, we work full time no matter what the job, we run daily errands, we cook and clean, we listen, we attend school, basically we take on a lot, we make time for everyone else and we forget or get to caught up in everything else that we forget to make time and reward self just for making it through the week without loosing our minds sometimes! 
Remember to take time for you, have a spa day, take a personal day just for you and ENJOY IT! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Every woman wants to feel appreciated in some way. Whether its told to them that they are appreciated or its shown with some expression of gratitude, gifts, surprises, etc. It could be from a family member, spouse, friend, on the job, whomever it is, the expression of appreciation is needed. How do you like to be shown that your appreciated and how does it make you feel?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keeping the Fire going in relationships!

In all relationships it is important to "Keep the Fire burning". Continuing to grow in love with each other. Spice things up every now and then. Leave Sticky notes that says "I LOVE YOU" , "HAVE A GOOD DAY", etc. Calling your Lover and leaving sexy voice mail messages in the middle of the day will keep them going until they get home to you! Asking him/her to meet you at home for lunch,give them a 10-15 min lag time to allow yourself enough time to get home and prepare for a "lunch" they won't be expecting!  ;-)Spontaneous dating in relationships, whether married, engaged, casual dating, etc are fun and exciting!