Monday, August 29, 2011


Good day to all my voluptuous vixens out there! We would like to know what is Sexy to you. What do you define as "Sexy"?


  1. I think having confidence in yourself and being comfortable in your own skin is a good definition for sexy. If you think and feel that you are sexy, what else could you possibly be but SEXY!! ;-)

  2. I agree thats why I say being sexy is more than just an appearance its an attitude. No matter your size if you feel your sexy and you allow yourself the confidence in knowing your sexy then your SEXY! These magazines and infomercials try to show that being skinny is sexy and that your not sexy if your not looking a certain way and I totally disagree! Thank you Chevon! More to come so please be sure to sign up to follow us and pass the word! Thanks again!